2017 Champions
2017 Champions


  • Gate fee each day for the remainder of the season is $5.
  • Visiting team must supply the chain crew.  The chain crew must be a coach or board member from that organization.  
  • Water attendants during the games must be league age, not a team parent or coach.  If the child is wearing a jersey they must turn it inside out.  There is no coaching during water breaks!
  • Coaches will not use their books to check-in cheer or weigh-in football.  Each coach should bring 3 printed rosters every game.
  • The SYFC will weigh-in players.  Everyone must make weight to play.
  • Every adult on your sideline MUST have a field pass/badge for the team actually playing.  There will be no exceptions as this is FL law!
  • Players must wear their organizational colors when it comes to the uniform from socks, under shirts, jersey, and pants. If not, they will be asked to change.
  • Board members with organizational passes may not be in the box and cannot coach unless they also have a field pass to coach team currently playing.
  • Gate coverage – please make sure you are supplying 2 volunteers during your scheduled time to cover gate.  
  • We will not be allowing any outside food or drinks except a team cooler filled with water, PowerAde and healthy snacks.  Coolers will be checked!  As a conference no field will be allowing outside coffee on the property.
  • No tailgating in the parking lot is allowed.
  • There will be no intimidation tactics at any time tolerated. No masks, inflatables, fog/smoke, etc.
  •  Poor behavior will not be tolerated from anyone.  The playoffs is all about celebrating the children!